Iowa City = US OLYMPIC WRESTLING TRIALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is awesome.

In other news, I was happily working on my "rest of 2010" photobook and watching Parenthood. Not just two minutes ago it ended and I was watching the preview clip for the next episode. What do they do? In the last second of the clip they say it will return in two weeks. WHAAAAAAAAAT? They just made us wait over a month.

How rude.

Other than that, I am quite proud of myself. I was feeling really weird and tired and unmotivated earlier but I have accomplished a lot in the past few hours. I finished both photobooks for my senior year of Luther and have almost finished sorting through the rest of my 2010 photos. This had turned into quite a project because I took a lot of photos with my phone and did not organize them well. Better luck next year :)

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