Surprise find

One of our most favorite desserts is the half-baked chocolate chocolate chocolate cookie & ice cream from the Oaks Restaurant. We don't care too much for the food but gosh, that dessert is worth the trip over for dinner. Ever since our first meeting with this delectable and mouthwatering treat, I have wanted to try making it ourselves. The trick, though, was to find the mini iron skillet they used. I never really searched for it because honestly, I didn't think there were any for the 'ol housewife. Luckily for me, when Gary & I were window shopping at Ace Kitchen Place in Decorah, I SAW THEM! Holy moly I just about peed my pants with excitement. We didn't buy them that day and somehow I forgot about it. Until today that is. I had a slight craving for some chocolate and instantly thought of the half-baked cookie delicousness. Then I got to thinking about crate and barrel. Did they have this item too? INDEED THEY DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So yes, now we are registered for two 5" iron skillets. I figured one for us and one for the future kids should suffice. We can't all share....

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