Where did the year go??

I simply cannot believe it is 2011. Time FLIES! So does the time between my blog posts...sorry about that :)

Just a few days ago, Gary and I went over to Bridget & Drew's for the Oelrich beef tenderloin gathering. I was a bit tired the whole day but gosh it was fun. The most impressive part of the whole gathering was that Bridget made every single item of food from scratch. EVERYTHING. I am jealous. I have wanted to do that for so long but have been unable. To be honest, I can't even think of a single new recipe I've tried this year. How sad is that? 2011 will be my year to do just that. I have SO many recipes to go through so I will be quite busy :)

Gary and I will be traveling to Roch today. Conveniently, my computer battery and stopped working so I'll be able to pick up a new one in addition to watching a movie and going to Applebee's. Thanks Mom & Dad for the gift card!

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