Holy Citrus Chicken

Gary & I (and surprisingly my mother) had our Hotel Winn taste test today. I was so excited to come in but was absolutely blown away by all of the options. I loved each dish and we definitely picked out two dishes that I know people will love. And not only that, but the presentation is wonderfully whimsical and colorful, just as I hoped it would be. They are going to fit in with the overall aesthetic of our wedding so perfectly. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! So excited in fact that I really didn't want to brush my teeth or eat anything else because I could still taste them...weird? probably, but don't tell me you haven't thought that yourself at some point in your life because you have!

Though I probably shouldn't ruin the surprise, I can't help but to post the photos I snapped :) Enjoy!

Also of note today.....I got the apartment! I get to move in February 21st (luckily the leasing office will NOT be closed on President's day!). It's a little scary now that it's confirmed but I am pumped about starting this new position and moving to an awesome city.

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