My Superior Left Side

I've noticed something recently. My (ENTIRE) left side is way more dominant than my right side Many of the traits for the Left Side are traits that I support: using logic, detailed oriented, FACTS RULE!,words & language, math & science, reality based, practical, SAFE (I am not a risk taker. At all).

Clearly, my left brain is far superior :) After learning of this, I can only assume that is why my entire left side follows suit. After working long hours at the Hotel, for instance, my left shoulder, bicep, wrist, lower back/hip, left knee, foot....they all hurt. My right side? Nothing. It's as if I don't even use that side of my body at all. Seriously. My left bicep is soooo sore it's ridiculous. And when I wake up every morning, which side of my lower back needs excessive popping? My left side. And I go to the chiropractor to fix which side of my shoulder/spine debacle? My left side.

So all I've got to say is...Thank you, Left Side, for bringing home the bacon. You make me who I am and allow me to be awesome (at least in my own head) :)

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