It's a new day!

AND a blizzardy one. I am leaving Decorah for good today, but I do believe the weather gods are a little confused about my leaving. Decorah has gotten sooooooo used to me living here so I think that they are trying to divert my traveling for another day. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! I have a lease to sign, an apartment to move into and a job to start. I have to get there! Seriously though, I could have waited until the morning to drive up but my lovely sister has a flight that will attempt to leave tonight at 9:30pm. Let's hope she's able to fly out......I only have one air mattress :) In all sincerity, I am glad to be leaving today. I want to be able to get the apartment stuff out of the way before I start work tomorrow. Also, I hope to take all of my clothes along with me so I'll have a fun little project to work on until all my other belongings and furniture make it up. Another wrench? The tailgate on my parents' vehicle won't open. What did I tell you about the world not wanting me to leave? We'll make it work and I WILL get all the tubs and suitcases in that trunk. I am determined.

Funny side story: I woke up early this morning thinking about something very important. Food. How on earth did I forget about food? A list, shower and a couple hours later, I am fully stocked for the next week or so. I reaaaaaaaaaaaally don't want to go outside more than I will have to up in blizzardy Minneapolis. Thank you to everyone who have given me Fareway gift cards too. Totally came in handy :)

Lastly, I am sad to leave Gary. I know how it was when I was in Chicago and it'll be just like that. EXCEPT we have something really exciting to look forward to - MARRIAGE! In just over one month, we will be married. I am more than confident that that fact alone will get us through this much better than Chicago. And surprise!!! Gary thought I'd be gone before he got back at 10:15 :) See you soon, Honey Bear!!

PS: A blog about the awesome bridal shower will follow soonish...I won't have internet for awhile, but it'll come eventually.

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