Date Night - Holiday Style! 12.23.11

I find date nights really important. I think that it is a dedicated time to spend time with each other doing things that you don't normally do or don't do every day. We LOVE going out to eat but that can get expensive reaaaaaaaaallly quickly. Besides that, it gets boring. Sure, we love the good food, but doing different things together is perhaps a little more important. Gary desperately wants to go bowling but I talked him in to something else...

Making Gingerbread Houses!!

I have such fond memories of building gingerbread houses from kindergarten or first grade where the whole class made a little gingerbread village. SO MUCH FUN! Our houses didn't quite measure up to this but it was still fun. We had such a difficult time getting the house to actually stay up without falling (It sure is frustrating when you have to be patient :)!) Next time we'll go with a more simple approach aka just like elementary school with milk cartons and graham crackers!

Note: I bought these gingerbread house kits from Luther College Ministries. The Habitat for Humanities group was selling these for their upcoming trip! Glad I could give to such a great cause.


Linda Oelrich said...

Cute, Dad and I should try date night too. I'd love to make a gingerbread house with him. Thanks for all the great comments on the food. And that "angel" pic is creepy!!!

v.wiest said...

Definitely go with graham crackers and actual frosting. It would have been MUCH more fun!