Bucket List {3}

November was a weird month as far as exercising goes. I was gung-ho for a solid week or two but then it kinda went to "gosh, I'm tired" or "gosh, I don't have time" or "gosh, I was on my feet for 10 hours today. Doesn't that count as my workout?" Clearly, I need to set a standard routine regardless of my non-standard work schedule. If I have a set time each day to do my daily exercises and to go on wii fit for even 10 minutes, I will do it. It's got to become a non-negotiable. End of story. Here is the monthly recap of my progress on this list item:

12,000 GOAL
     1670 COMPLETED as of 11/30
10,330 LEFT TO COMPLETE by 10/31/12

Average/Day = 27.8
Oct Average/Day = 39.5

*SAD! I went down in my average even though I increased the reps. A lot is to be said for doing these every day. I missed 13 days and made up only 3-4 of them. Not good.

10,000 GOAL
     1305 COMPLETED as of 11/30
   8,695 LEFT TO COMPLETE by 10/31/12

Average/Day = 22.1 Boo.
Oct Average/Day = 30.4

  10,000 GOAL
       605 COMPLETED as of 11/30
   9,395 LEFT TO COMPLETE by 10/31/12

Average/Day = 12.3
Oct Average/Day = 20.4


  5,200 GOAL (in minutes)
     1004 COMPLETED as of 11/30
   4,196 LEFT TO COMPLETE by 10/31/12

I'd say that November was a draw. I started out really strong and felt really good about my progress. I then started working again and things kiiiinnndddaaa fell to the wayside. I need to make a better action plan in order for me to follow through. Remember, exercise is a NON-NEGOTIABLE!

My goal for December is to make up for the days I missed in November. It's important to not push myself too hard so I will do two sets of reps per day of each exercise that must be completed before I shower.

Crunches - 24 reps twice a day
Squats - 14 reps twice a day
Push ups - 18 reps twice a day

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Amanda said...

good for you continuing to work out instead of leaving it all behind. You can jump back on the wagon. That's my biggest hurdle. Once I'm off, I stay off. I have started walking and I'm tracking it in endomondo. 3 mini walks a day.