Little Rascal

Say HELLO to our little rascal, Peaches!!!

Peaches was born on August 2, 2012 on the farm owned by one of my friends and Hotel Winn co-workers, Mary. He (whom we all thought was a little lady) spent his first seven weeks roaming around, playing with his siblings and all the cows...and undoubtedly in the manure as well..... Talk about living the life!

We brought Peaches home on Monday, September 17, 2012. Since we brought him home, Peaches has spent many hours doing all the things he loves:

Sleeping and being awkward

yeah, that'd be me he's sleeping on!

Playing, being silly and trying to be techy

In other news, Peaches has grown quite a bit since we brought him home - one whole pound! He's getting so big but I wish he'd stay a little kitten! He's also taken to his new home pretty well. Peaches is eating and drinking well, loves climbing up and down the stairs and was potty-trained within a day. He's not in the least bit shy - his MO is to do his business right in front of everyone. I think he's gotten a little better about not stepping in his own business though...

I've got only one concern with our little rascal. He bites. A LOT. Any suggestions?


Amanda said...

had the same issue with Simon. http://www.perfectpaws.com/cat_biting_and_cat_clawing.html

Elaine said...

Reggi used to bite a lot too when we first got him. He also likes to chew on anything plastic. We distracted him from chewing and knawing on us by giving him rubbery dog chew toys and straws to chew on. It seems to work pretty well and he bites less.