Addicted to Busy & All Sorts of Crazy

These two phrases perfectly describe our life right now.

All Sorts of Crazy describes our life with two littles under the age of two. Because really, who in their right mind decides to have two kids so close in age? Well, WE DID! I absolutely love that Owen and Jack are so close in age. I can tell without a doubt that Owen loves his little brother and that may be one of the cutest things. Jack, too, is enamored by what Owen does since he's always moving or talking. I have high hopes that they will become the very best of friends.

Buuuttttt.......having two littles under the age of two is simple put - ALL SORTS OF CRAZY! It's a struggle to do quite a few things but I'm finding that it's all about routine and how you choose to respond to any given situation. Patience is key and I'll admit, I sometimes (or a lot of times) run out of that pretty quickly. Owen recently learning how to climb out of his crib is a major struggle; Jack not sleeping through the night is a serious struggle.

This is what we've signed up for and we are braced for the challenge. Major meltdowns, potty training, paci weaning and a little tot that will soon learn to walk - bring it on!

Addicted to Busy
is another phrase that perfectly describes our everyday life.

Let's be real, loans suck. I recently took a position in not one but two different places. One, my full-time day job at Luther, is pretty awesome. I love working with spreadsheets and numbers and sitting at a desk. I also love working with students and getting to interact with them.

But do our two full-time day jobs do the trick in us paying down our debts as aggressively as we'd like? Of course not. Two littles in daycare really does a number on our budget.


So, in comes my second job at Rubaiyat, a local restaurant. I love that job for the night hours, the consistency, meeting tons of pretty cool people, and making good money in a short amount of time. To get the most out of that position, I'm trying to work as much as I can. Gspice is a pretty sweet dad and takes care of the boys while I am away at night. THIS allows us to pay debt down in the aggressive manor we'd like. In the past month alone, we paid off two student loans!

Yes, I will admit, our life is a little out of control right now. However, we're both fully aware and accepting of it. The boys will keep us on our toes for awhile but that'll eventually simmer just a little bit. We'll eventually pay off our loans (GOAL: less than a year from now!) and I won't have to have a second job and Gspice won't have to be a single parent.

We'll get there!

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