Little Mr. {21 Months}

Owen has been such a fun little guy lately and recently turned 21 months old! Though I'm more busy than I have ever been in my entire life, I thought it'd be nice to provide a short and sweet update on Little Mr.!

I truly have NO idea what Owen might weigh. He eats like a grown man but still looks like he always has - small and petite. His use of spoons and forks have gotten really good too. Not so much with soup but that'll come. I'm definitely looking forward to his 2-year appointment - not for the shots but to see how much he's gained and grown. I heard that you will get a general idea of the height as an adult by doubling the height they are at two years old (some have also said three but I think for my kids it might be the two). Crazy! Owen has absolutely no chance to breech 6'. Sorry, bud.

Certain developments have been really fun to watch. Though he still isn't saying too many words yet, he's definitely saying more than a few short months ago.

18-Month words: 
mama (still not nearly spoken as much as dada)
kitty (which sounds more like titty....)
buh bye

new words at 21-Month: 
please (sounds like "peas"; he also does the sign for this as he says it)
down town
all done

Watch the video below to see Owen's sweet skills :)

Other developments have been a bit more challenging. Teething! This time = upper canines! They finally popped through in August and are slowly making their appearance. Owen also loves to say "No". Most questions get answered with a pretty strong "No". Not super difficult to deal with but definitely something we are working on. I'd love to hear "Yes" more often :)

Also, it seems that the past couple of months that Owen much prefers to be held. He used to LOVE walking. I could go on a mile long walk and he'd want to walk the entire way. Now, we go a couple of steps and I have this little dude whining to be picked up. I then try to get him to say, "Up, please" but all I get is more whining. One day we'll get there, Owen. One day.

Beyond that, it's been busy busy busy! Owen is a fun loving little man and we love him to pieces!

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