Baby Jack {Six Months}

What a fun month it has been! Jack recently turned six months old and is such a lovable rolly polly little guy.

Likes: kicking and squirming about, waking up reallllllly early, snuggling, watching his big brother, listening to people singing and being danced around, talking, making low almost-like-hissing sounds, tracking (& recognizing) our voices and movements and lights, watching everything, giggling, blowing raspberries, sticking out his tongue, grabbing anything and everything in sight, putting things in his mouth

Though we're all still pretty sleep deprived, I do feel like we made a step in the right direction. We finally took away the swaddle a few weeks ago because Jack seemed to do slightly better without it. Though it's still pretty inconsistent, he went one night of waking only once, another only twice, and then of course others a solid three or four times. I'll take the one to two wake ups any day. Sadly, little Mr. also started cutting a tooth this month so there goes any sort of chance for a full night's rest! With our remodel coming to a close, I am anxious to move Jack's crib downstairs. I'm thinking we'll need to buy a partition of some sort to keep the light out of the play-area-turned-nursery. Actually, now that I'm typing this, we might have exactly what we need! We're going to put in a permanent shower curtain rod so we could use the tension rod here instead. Great idea, Vanessa, great idea.

Yes, I did mention above that Jack has his first tooth! His lower left central incisor was the first to come in and it was noticed by complete surprise. I went up to him to cup his face and say, "YOU ARE SO DARN CUTE!" and immediately squealed when I saw it a week ago! I'll admit, I figured one would come pretty soon since he just very recently had an ear infection. Hope he isn't one of those kids that gets an ear infection with every tooth! Yikes!

Another fun development - rolling over both ways! For a few weeks, Jack could only roll from back to tummy...........buuuuutttttt, he can now roll over both ways! I noticed he was rolling both ways on his playmat pretty well just a few days ago but I'm fairly certain he can't figure it out when he's half asleep/frantically crying in the middle of the night. That would be helpful :)

Rice cereal also started this month. More specifically, last week. With how easily he seems to do, I'm guessing he could have started a couple weeks earlier. Oh well. I'm excited to start real food with him but hope to have enough energy and motivation to make it myself. That was so gratifying with Owen and I would love to do that for Jack too. I've got green beans, carrots, and broccoli in our fridge right now so looks like that's what we'll start with this time!

6-Month Appointment (9/8/2015)
Weight: 17 lbs 6 oz
Height: 26.5 in

5-Month Mommy Guesses

Weight: 16 lbs 1 oz
Height: 26.25 in
4-Month Appointment (7/7/2015)
Weight: 14 lbs 13 oz
Height: 25.75 in
3-Month Mommy Guesses
Weight: 13 lbs 9 oz
Height: 24.25 in

2-Month Appointment (5/8/2015)

Weight: 12 lb
Height: 23.75 in

Mommy-wants-a-weight-check-kinda-visit (5/1/2015)

Weight: 11 lb 9 oz

Add'l Doctor Visit (4/16/2015)
Weight: 11 lb 

2-Week Appointment (3/26/2015)

Weight: 9 lb 8 oz
Height: 21.5 in

Newborn (3/6/2015)                  
Weight: 8 lb 14 oz           
Height: 21.5 in

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