Holiday Cheer 2015 {1} Santa Sighting!

We had a few opportunities to see Santa this year but only one panned out. Our usual trip down to Strawberry Point wasn't going to work because I had to serve that night. I really look forward to that every year so that was a huge bummer, but there's always next year, right?

The second opportunity was actually AT Rubaiyat. That would have been really fun too - being able to see the kiddos when I'm typically away from them until they wake up from their naps on Sundays. The boys weren't feeling all that great so that was a big fail as well.

Gratefully, Santa showed up at daycare again this year. We arrived a little late and missed Jack's first Santa photo but we got another opportunity with both boys. This showed us yet another way the boys are oh-so-different. Owen was a bit frightened (no surprise there!) and Jack didn't give a hoot.

Happy Holidays from our little reindeer!

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