Holiday Cheer 2015 {2} - Family Photos!!!

When Jack was born, we decided to purchase a Once Upon a Time photography package from Brittany Todd, a local photographer (and also college classmate!) We LOVE how we've been able to plan on four separate sessions way in advance though I didn't properly plan things out for our recent family photos. I wasn't too thrilled with our clothing options but seriously, life happens! Regardless, I ADORE the family photos we took in November. It captured Owen at two years and little Jack with no morning nap. Silly boy decided he didn't need one for the first time ever! Owen pretty much ran around the entire time so I am truly impressed with the adorable shots Brittany got of him. Jack, on the other hand, was a perfect subject. Our last session (after Jack's newborn and six-month sessions) will be Jack's one year photos. I look forward to those! Until then, enjoy our favorites from our family session!

Thanks again, Brittany!

Clap, Clap!


Dad, put me down!


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