Owen {Two Years!}

Owen turned the big T-W-O nearly a month ago already. I'm no longer all that surprised that time goes by so quickly but seriously? It's like he was just born!

Owen has become such a fun, wild, adventurous, expressive and tempered little guy. Sure, I will admit he's been in the "terrible two" stage for awhile now, we understand that most often comes into play if he's bored or frustrated. Our goal is to keep him entertained and busy with structure all day long, just like he has at daycare. We haven't quite mastered it but we'll get there. For now, Elmo is our best friend :)

One of my favorite things about Owen is his expressions. His face lights up with wonder when he's excited, scrunches up when he's confused, frowns when he's sad, you name it. Owen wears his heart on his sleeve!

From early on, Owen was quite the talker. Lots of babbles, squeals and grunts. Truth be told, some of those early sounds were so crazy weird. I should have known Owen would be so expressive with his tones too! He still isn't saying too many two-three word sentences but some pop out every few days or so. When I picked him up from daycare one night he said, "Mommy, home."

New words he's added to his vocabulary (I know I'm missing some!):
big bus
thank you (he knows to say this after we give him something!)
tap (for some reason he says this when he wants water, he used to simply say wahwah)
oh, no!

With the age of two comes a change at daycare. Owen was scheduled to shadow the next room the week before his birthday and then make the switch on November 17. Unfortunately neither of those things happened. On November 10, structural issues caused our daycare to close for seven week days! The boys spent a couple days at home and the rest in Sunflower providers' homes. Thankfully, on Friday, November 20, Sunflower opened back up in a local church. It was there and then that Owen changed rooms. Talk about a rough transition! As expected, Owen did not do well with the changes. Poor guy cried every time we dropped him off for breakfast. It took a few weeks but he's now acclimated pretty well.

Owen's eating habits are still pretty much the same. Using utensils appropriately and has begun using a normal glass for his milk and water. At home we do the same but he often just likes to play with the cup instead. He also still loves to dip food into sauces like ketchup or ranch but sometimes he just licks it off! Silly guy!

Lastly, Owen got the two lower canines! Now, we're just waiting on the second molars to pop through. Nothing at this point but I hope it goes as smoothly as the last set of molars - we didn't even notice them until they were basically ALL popped through back in March.

Owen's current obsessions: Elmo, puppies, books, cars, trucks, buses, roughhousing, climbing, trying to climb out of his crib (hopefully this doesn't happen for a few more months!) getting into things he knows he shouldn't, walking & running, playing with his brother, singing, eating, coloring*

*Word of wisdom - pencil eraser will take crayon off the walls :)

Owen's two-year well-child check up went as expected, except I lied to him. I didn't mean to, I promise! I told Owen that he didn't have to get any shots, that Dr. Menke just wanted to see how he was doing. Unfortunately, he DID have to get a shot and then also do a lead test in the Lab. NOT what he was expecting. There were tears right when we walked in, wailing when we checked in, flailing when we took his weight and height, and then more wailing and flailing in the Lab. Thankfully, he loves Dr. Menke! I then took him to get some lunch and when he said he was finished, all hell broke loose. I tried putting his food away but he criiiiiieeeedddd and everyone eating lunch just stared at me! There really wasn't much I could do but scope him up and go but I truly didn't let their stares bother me. I knew Owen had a pretty traumatic day. We just didn't have time for him to stare at his food for awhile :)

2-Year Appointment (11/10/2015)
Weight: 25 lb
Height: 33.25 in

18-Month Appointment (5/15/2015)
Weight: 23 lb
Height: 30.5 in

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