I've got a confession to make...

I don't like to vacuum. That's not my confession but that's a good place to start.

I don't vacuum all that often because it's often a struggle. For one, Gspice has seriously super annoyingly sensitive nostrils. I get it, allergies and what not but I literally cannot vacuum if he's in the house or will come home within 4-6 hours of me vacuuming. Sometimes, I just vacuum anyway and hope he won't have a reaction. Sorry, Gspice.

Secondly, we have to pick up the mess before I can vacuum and that doesn't always happen. I can pick things up quickly enough but I'm often pretty tired when I finally get a chance to clean up and then am not motivated to vacuum. I'd rather nap, thank you!

That brings me to my next point. You should move things around when you vacuum so you can vacuum underneath. This is where I should confess that rarely happens. Sure, I'll move the chairs and the ottoman but EVERYTHING ELSE stays put.

Until yesterday.

Ladies and gentlemen, I moved the couch.

Guys, this couch has not moved since June 2012. You can imagine what the floor might have looked like because I'll spare you a photo. I didn't even take one because it will forever be seared in to my brain. Just imagine lots of missing books, toys, pacifiers and sippy cups. Add a heathly layer of dust and cat hair and there you go!

Now all I need to do is move our large king bed....

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