Roof Update {1} - Before!

Most of you probably saw the photo I posted the other day with what looked like another home project! Yep, we're updating the shingles on our roof!

To me, this is only mildly exciting as it's a big expense but the look will be refreshed and pretty. We've never had issues with our roof but we could tell it was beginning to suffer in the past year. Just look at the front roof that's over our porch!

Yikes! I had noticed it before but it wasn't until I did some digging regarding new home and car insurance that this came to be a "Let's-Fix-This-Now" issue. Let me back up a little bit - it'll be quick.

Our auto insurance renews every year in July. We bought our vehicle in 2013 so it's relatively new and expensive to insure. Yes, I get that. However, we've never had an accident and have never filed a claim. Imagine my frustration when our insurance kept going up every year, and over $100 this year alone. I called our agent to get a better understanding of how auto insurance works and he told me that auto insurance rates depend on everyone else; the types of cars they drive, the accidents they get into, the claims they file. Seriously? How annoying, but fine. I can deal with that. So then I asked if it would make a difference if we switched both our home and auto insurance. It sure would, BUT not with the condition of our roof. Okay, fine. Fast forward to September and we're getting it done! Suppose we'll look at getting some new insurance soon too :)

The rest of the roof looked okay but you could see the shingles were old. But if we're going to do it at all, we've got to do the whole shebang! Just ignore our landscaping. That's a project for another day!

The work was officially started on Wednesday so we're in the "During" phase as we speak. I'll update you soon with those fun photos! Until then, here's a cute photo of the boys watching the work from their favorite living room spot.

P.S. With new shingles on the house, we'll need to look at our garage relatively soon. That roof is in pretty bad shape but our estimate did not include that one. I'm okay with that because I'm hoping to bit of an overhaul soon. I just need to talk with the person I'm hoping will do this for us first! Until, here's a fun little rendering I did on a post-it note.

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Pleasance Faast said...

Isn't it crazy how in home care, one thing always leads to another? In this busy life, we sometimes go into a phase of “if you ignore it, it will go away.” I know I do. It's a good thing you came to the conclusion that your old roof needed new shingles. This is a great step in preventing a situation that could have become much worse.

Pleasance Faast @ Shelton Roof