hilton hotel? that's a product placement for sure...

The first official day of Chicago Semester Spring 2010 has come to a close and by golly, it was tiring.  Gary, his dad and I left decorah at 7:30am and drove through a bit of crappy weather for half the ride, but we ended up making it to Chicago at 1:30pm.  We hit up noodles & co for lunch and then I was off to Hotel Allegro.  Sadly, Gary had to leave me there and I miss him so much already.  Thankfully I've been super busy and don't have a lot of time to think about it.

So here's the lowdown:
2-2:45 check-in to the hotel - Check
2:45 say goodbye to Gary - Tear, Check, Tear
2:45-3:30 mingle, mingle, mingle - Check
3:30-5:30 first sessions of the day (welcome (Annie is SOOO cute! Love her already), overview, etc, etc - Check
5:45-7:45 Dinner with small group (some potential roomies) at the Water Tower Place, food for life i believe.  I of course had spaghetti with a huge meatball.  Mmmmm - Check
8-9:30 more sessions on safety, housing and................INTERNSHIP SITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we had to wait forever, but thank god we found out today and not tomorrow. it was driving me nuts not knowing. - Check

and the places i'll be interviewing........................................................................................................(ranked according to my excitement level)

1. Jewell Events Catering - if I end up living in Canterbury Apts, it will be roughly 30-40 minutes commute via CTA. not bad.  This is a large-scale catering company and from the little bits i've gathered online, it also does weddings.  I'm not sure if my interviewer is simply a wedding consultant or a planner but either way it looks really cool and they go to a bunch of different locations which would be really interesting since i've only done weddings in one location.  Sadly, I am competing with one other person to get the interview, but I'm the 2nd to be interviewed so hopefully that means i'm better ;-) Kidding....kinda....

2. Murphy Auditorium - roughly 10-15 minutes from apt.  This seems like an amazzzzzing facilty and would be an excellent way to experience event coordination on a huge scale.  I'm so used to events less than 250 ppl, heck less than 175 most the time.  It may be a bit grueling, but very worthwhile.

3. Athena International - roughly 15-20 from apt.  To be honest, I have no idea what this internship is about.  it seems to be sort of a women's recognition place for hard working individuals.....We'll see....

So i'm very excited to start the interviews and to see what i'll end up with.

On deck for tomorrow: by the end of the day I'll have roommates and housing.  weird.

Toots from the windy city!

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