uncommon grounds

End of day two and I'm exhausted!

Today wasn't as eventful as yesterday, but it was definitely a bit more stress.  It was HOUSING LOTTERY day!  I didn't have roommates up until the very end because I was an idiot and thought we had more time, but it worked out perfectly.  There were 2 girls that I was going to room with that were the sweetest girls I had ever met.  They were both from Aquinas, both psychology and really nice.  Unfortunately, their name didn't get called right away so I ended up with going with Elaine and Tabitha.  They both seem super cool and Elaine is also engaged so that will be nice.  They are both previous swimmers too so my friends from Luder will appreciate that.  We are living in Gold Coast in the Canterbury Apartments.  It's one bedroom and has a full kitchen and is fully furnished which is super nice.  I am really excited to live in Chicago and to have two new people to get to know.  I can't wait for the semester!

The other really cool part of the day, less stress of course, was dinner.  There were 7 of us and we had to find our own way to a chosen restaurant in the city.  We were headed towards Loyola which took about 45 minutes each way and it was SUPER cold.  I was shivering so much at one point that I tried the counting in my head thing so that I'd stop, but of course that did not work.  I just shivered as I whispered to my self .  However, the food was absolutely amazing.  I cannot say enough.  It was called Uncommon Grounds and they actually have (in the summer) a full garden on top which they said can supply up to 20% of their produce.  AWESOME right!  We ordered some appetizers, calamari and this reallly reallly good pizza type thing which had pork, cheese, barbecue and was on a toast like thing.  Not really sure what it was but it definitely Was amazing.  And yes, Gary, I said I liked the barbecue.......  For my main course I had the pot roast on a bed of fabulous mashed potatoes.  Again, Gary, we are going to this restaurant again sometime so you can get the macaroni and cheese :)

That's about all for tonight, except for me catching up on the Bachelor...shhhh no one needs to know that ;)

Can't wait to blog tomorrow about the interviews!  Wish me luck!

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