Today was such a surprise.  I had two of my interviews today, one with ATHENA and the other with Jewell, my last and first choice based on excitement.  But after interviewing they were definitely switched.

My first interview was at 11am and the minute I stepped into the office, they said, "Hi, Vanessa" as they were standing and chatting.  Not really a huge deal, but I felt welcomed immediately.  Then I met the CEO briefly but she had a call to take so I really didn't get to know her at all, but then I met with 2 members of the ATHENA team.  Again, it was almost immediate that I felt so very comfortable.  The conversation flowed really well and we sidetracked a little because we all got along so well.  Then of course I got really excited because my interviewer has a 5 month old baby that she brings to work 2 of the 3 days I'd be in the office.  I tried to play it off that I am not obsessed with babies, but they'll soon find out if that's where I end up.  As far as the projects I'd be involved with, I would have major responsibilities for one of their main events of the year, the Leadership Summit in April.  So basically I would get to plan something from very early on to the end.  It's not weddings or catering specifically but it IS planning events, which is what I want to do.  It would give me ownership of a huge project and I would be able to network like crazy.  Neeeeedless to say, even though I was there for a full hour, I fell in love with the ladies and that might just do it for me.  The working dynamic would be amazing.

My second interview was scheduled for 3pm at Jewell, but I got there about 30 minutes early and we started almost as soon as I got there.  I was a little confused that I didn't see the other girl there because I was so early.  Anywho, I got a quick tour from their marketing director and then had the interview with him and a wedding consultant for the company.  I kind of got the feeling that there wasn't much going on because they wanted me to split the days between them.  Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind doing marketing at all, but as a catering company, I had just assumed it would always be busy and then I quickly have to say to myself, " you know what happens when you assume...."  They also really didn't tell me a whole lot about specific projects that I'd do, but perhaps that's because stuff hasn't exactly been planned out yet.  Another reason why I may not have liked it as much is that although we had good conversation, it didn't flow as nicely as it had with ATHENA.

So after day one of interviews, I'd have to go with ATHENA, but this may all change tomorrow after my last interview.

The end of the night had me actually going out for once.  After the CS pizza party, my new roommates, Elanie from Spring Arbor and Tabitha from Hope went off on the Brown line to Diversity for some shopping.  I being poor didn't buy anything, but then we headed off to a cool bar called Matisse (I think).  Everything was really reasonably priced so we plan to go back there sometime.  We also got along REALLLY well which is such a relief.  We will have a really good semester for sure.

That is all for today as I am completely pooped.  Tootles!

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