The sweetest gesture

Who would have thought the Real Housewives of Orange County would make me cry?  Vicki nonetheless... She literally drives me nuts and to be honest, I have no idea why I even watch the show.  Everyone knows Real Housewives of New Jersey is better ;-)

Anyway, to recap, Vicki and her husband had a really rough year last season.  They seemed to always be on different pages and it was hard on the both of them.  However, this season has been all about Vicki understanding that it's not all about her, that she has to give back to her husband for their marriage to work.  On the latest episode she decided to show just how much she loved her husband and surprised him with a trip to Turks and Caicos for a secret Wedding Vow Renewal.  At dinner Vicki had their waiter bring out their wedding album with a new picture of when they got married and he just sat and teared up.  It was the sweetest moment I have ever seen.  And then Vicki surprised him by saying they were going to have a wedding the next day.  I have to admit that even though Vicki is sooooo annoying, this was a truly lovely gesture.  Thanks, Vicki, for making me cry.

On another note, Gary and I have decided to get married on March 26, 2011.  Originally we had July 14, 2012, but that is SOOOOOOOOO far away.  I couldn't handle not being able to plan anything.  So, we have roughly 14 months to go!  I am so beyond excited!!  I'm currently trying to figure out the colors I want but that is proving more difficult than I originally thought.  I like too many damn colors.  Next week I'll be meeting with my boss to talk about having the reception at the Hotel Winn and also having phone call with Olive Juice Studios.  I'm definitely hitting the ground running, but I like it that way.

Gary and I are also trying very hard to live healthier.  We've got quite the plan in place and it will test us both to keep following it.  I hope to someday be able to bike for hours at a time or run for an hour or more, but that will take some time.  Once I can, I will tell you ALL about it :)

Lastly, I'm taking my very last official class at Luther College.  Sadly, it's a science course and not fun at all.  It's not terribly difficult but it's science.  I really dislike science.  Like reeeeeeally.  I keep telling myself only so many more days to go.  Today, there's only 12 days left (since I'll be leaving early).  Only 12 days left!!!

PS:  only 18 days until I leave for Chicago!!!!! That only means I have to completely dejunk, pack up all my things, finish my portfolio, read all my senior paper stuff, maybe even a literature review, and prepare for all my interviews....Wow.  SO much to do and SO little time.

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