Who doesn't love free wine??

I was a wee bit too tired to post last night about the goings-on in my life but don't fret.  I am back to report the important happenings of yesterday.

I had my third and final interview at the Murphy Auditorium.  Again, the facility is absolutely beautiful and the interview went really well.  There were a good number of events planned for the space that I would help with but I would also be able to help revamp the website and ultimately re-brand the Murphy Auditorium.  My interviewer was also really excited that I was engaged so I got to walk home with two new bridal magazines :)  This quickly became my second choice behind Athena because it deals with many events and I would dip a little into a major marketing project as well.  That knowledge would be incredible to have.

The dynamic with ATHENA however was just sooooo memorable that I can't see either Jewell or Murphy surpassing them. Each company has some awesome opportunities and it was sad to have to say no to 2 of them.

As of 30 minutes ago, I did indeed decide to go with ATHENA, but because they are not in the office on Friday, I have to wait to call all of my locations until Monday.  I really wish I could get it out of the way because I feel awful that I won't be doing the other two.  (just an FYI: the girl I was competing with didn't choose them either which is REALLLY sad.  I was hoping that she would have ended up at one of the places because they really did seem like a good place to intern with....)

Today has been pretty laid back.  I got to sleep in. Until 8:30am. cruel, I know.  Then my hotel roomie and I went to Rick Bayless' restaurant, Frontera.  It was located in a really stylish food court so I cheated and had some chicken noodle and a cookie (yes, I finally got my chocolate fix).  I seriously cannot wait to move into the apartment so I can cook my own food again.  It's so expensive not to and I miss my milk, spaghetti sauce, etc etc.  It's no marriott, but the hotel at least has free hot chocolate from 2-4 and free wine from 5-7.  Loves it.

Tonight we'll be off to a comedy club so I'll try to report soon on that.  However, everyone's having isssssues with the cable/internet guy so who knows when I'll be capable...oooh Chicago :)


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