Energizer Bunny

More good news was received today!  I LOVE good news :)

As I was heading home from work I got online with my phone to check my email.  When I get ready in the morning I no longer get on my computer so I hadn't checked it since last night. (go me!) In my inbox was an email from a company I recently applied to.  YEAH!  It's an event coordinator position too!  They want to schedule a phone interview so thankfully I made it past the first test.  I was so damn excited that I squealed for at least a minute and walked like a speed demon.  Normally it takes me right around 25-30 minutes to get to work, but I made it home in 17 because I was so excited.

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Neil & Amanda said...

woo hoo! Good luck. google some phone interview tips! It could be useful. And yes, I am sending this in the morning. That's when I rush through all my blogs!