I ordered a super adorable dress from ModCloth at 9pm on October 12th.  The VERY NEXT DAY, I got an email saying it had been shipped and it's running on schedule.  Meaning?  It will be here tomorrow, October 15th.  Did I mention it traveled all the way from Pittsburg?  Woah.  Now that is impressive.

What else did I buy this past week?  Oh you know, four photobooks (from freshmen & sophomore year [FINALLY]) and a wedding dress.

Yes.  I bought my wedding dress.  I have never seen it in person and have no idea if I ordered the right size, but it felt right.  Kinda like when I bought my prom dress online without ever trying it on or seeing it.  It fit p.e.r.f.e.c.t.l.y!  I'm hoping it will work out that nicely with this dress too.  It's short and sweet and is going to go SO well with the the theme I have in my head.  Hopefully I can make it all come to life :)

On another note, I am of the proclaimed stalker type and have been noticing something missing in my life based on the stalked.  I'm a quirky girl but I don't act very quirky anymore.  I need to get out more and do quirky stuff.  I think that is the missing link here.  I get so bogged down with work and wanting to be a pile that I never do what truly satisfies me.  Though I need to save monies so I need to find quirky things to do for free.  Any suggestions?  (ps:  the person I'm stalking at the moment has an adorable blog going and has THE cutest engagement photos up.  Here some of her pictures.  I'm in love with the colors and lighting!)

pss: she is going to have her blog featured in mspweddings.com.  I'm excited to see more of her blogs and ideas.

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Amanda said...

I really liked your idea when you just decided to get out, go for a walk and take some pictures. Maybe you could do that after work now that the weather is changing