Shutterfly Photobooks

Here are some snip-its of my sophomore yr photo books for Amanda to see:

All my school year books are 12' by 12' and my summer ones are 8x8.  Now that I'm done with school they'll all be 12x12 because I like them a little bigger.

Best part? You get to customize everything! The cover, design, wording, font, etc.  It's really too cool for school.


Amanda said...

very cool, now if i just took pictures. Like the one of me and Neil :) Oh and how did you get your twitter updates on your page??

Amanda said...

oh and I know "Coz" from Luther. I read about him in the lifes a journey blog.

Vanessa said...

Getting twitter updates is easy. Go to the design tab and add a gadget.

You'll notice when I hit post-graduation, I have basically no pictures. It's so much easier to take them when you drink all the time or have events to capture. Perhaps you should just have a baby. That's a pretty big event :)