Best day ever

Due to our lives not being completely figured out past May 2011, I occasionally (meaning all the time) look at various job sites. One of them is the LSM website. I get a little nervous, just hoping that something of interest will pop up. Today it happened...

I have very fond memories of this particular program. I was a student for three summers and to be honest, they were the best summers I have so far experienced. I had really fun friends and I came into my own while attending. I became less shy and figured out that yes, I love music, but that I had other hobbies that I needed to pursue (like the leadership positions I took on in college) Thankfully the program came back to Luther while I was working Summer Housing. The nostalgia just hasn't left since the program ended this past July. Oh and then of course this is where I met Gary too :)

Annnyway, the position that has opened up is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. I'm sure that a lot of people will apply for the position but I sure hope I am qualified enough to make it through. I would absolutely LOVE to work with the national staff on a daily basis.

Now I just need to update my resume and cover letter :) Wish me luck.

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