not again

Unfortunately I have yet again obtained a sore throat. This will likely turn into something more. Bummer! This is the second time in less than 2 months. Weird, considering I don't get more than a few colds a year, if that. I blame it on my attitude. Miss-crabby-pants needs to back off and just be calm, enjoy life and eat right and all will be well.

Yesterday morning I wasn't feeling well one bit. Gary was up early for homework (oh how I don't miss doing that :)) but I was up right with him due to some stomach pains. It was 6:22am. We went to bed at 1am? maybe 1:30am? Not good! It progressed a little more until I finally fell back asleep for another hour. After the nap it was smoooooooth sailing. It was such a nice relaxing day (as long as I kept myself fed!) I also drank like a fish which is always good. All and all it was a great day.

Before I go, I must report that today is Tuesday. That means biggest loser and parenthood. Let's hope the day doesn't end in disappointment like it did last week :)

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