I remember when I started this blog that there was a blog about snow. It wasn't the first but there certainly was a blog about snow. How strange that a whole year has gone by already. A lot has happened since then like getting engaged, living in Chicago, graduating, working non-stop, hardly working, reading....I'm starting to get really really excited to see what happens this next year. Marriage, moving, jobs....it's going to be exciting.

in other news, Gary and I bought our adorable invites the other day. I've gotten the proof and it's now in production! It took them a little longer to get the proof to us so they've upgraded our order to two-day shipping. SWEETTT.

secondly, i was still feeling really lost without my weekly episode of parenthood so i.......bought....the....first.....season. On dvd. :)

lastly, i got to babysit two of the cutest little cuties on wednesday and i will again tonight. it's strange because I haven't babysit in a long time but i feel like it's going to be really great for me. It'll get me out of the house for one. i still need to learn how to keep both occupied and having fun but i'm sure i'll get the hang of it.

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