a walk down memory lane

Long ago I had a myspace account where I also kept a blog.  I deleted it a few years ago but found a link to my blog so I quickly snatched up what I could of my previous blog.  Sadly it was only a few postings but here are the ones I was able to find.  They are kiiiiiinda funny :)


Tuesday, January 06, 2009 1:15am

as cheesy as it sounds....I'M SO IN LOVE AND I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS IT! Elf is such a great movie and to quote this line is a necessity.

My boyfriend is at work. I've been a bum watching TV since 7pm. And looking at engagement rings. (no no no, we are not engaged and have no plans...yet)

July 14th is such a special day to me, but honestly I cannot remember another time in my life where i have been so happy. ALL THE TIME. sure i have my ups and downs. Im a girl for crying out loud. I cry like nobody's business. and theres my spastic roomie who annoys the SHITS out of me. But i have this special guy who is always there for me. He is the most important person in my life and i cannot wait to marry him.

the end.


Thursday, August 9, 2007 9:23am
i made the perfect pancakes!
Current mood: sleepy

i sometimes get this urge to make pancakes. i did yesterday, but i normally make really horrible pancakes so i decided Not to make any. fast forward to about 14 hours later and here i want pancakes again. soooooooo i find my most favorite syrup, Karo, and the pancake mix....and wala!! i make the most perfect 2 pancakes. sad day though because i forgot that i get sick of pancakes before i even finish the first one.

anyone want my extra pancake?


Wednesday, August 1, 2007 12:57pm
im just a little behind..
Current mood: giggly

im now FINALLY getting into friends. yes, i know. it's like over and all that....but goooood lord it's hilarious!
better late than never right?


Wednesday, July 25, 2007 6:24pm
it's just a typical love story
Current mood: flirty

woot for Christmas in July.
will there be a christmas tree? yes
will there be hot chocolate? yes

will there be drinkage? yes....

should vanessa be walking back to her room alone? probably not ;-)


Sunday, July 15, 2007 7:57pm
Mom Freakout at Luther College
Current mood: aggravated

Levon. Mueller. Call. Your. Estranged. Mother. ASAP. Otherwise. She. Will. Continue. To. Call. Luder. College. Yelling. At. Me. About. Her. Son. Not. Making. It. To. Wrestling. Camp. Safely. Because. He. Had. To. Travel. A. Long. Distance. And. He. Could. Be. Stuck. Alongside. The. Road. Somewhere. Even. After. I. Have. Told. Her. REPEATEDLY. That. He. Has. Checked. In. And. The. Sports. Camps. Coordinators. Have. The. Message. In. Their. Hands. And. Are. Giving. Him. The. Message. AS. WE. SPEAK. So. Just. Step. Off. Already. Or. Get. Your. Son. A. GODDAMN. Cell. Phone.

That woman scares me...


Sunday, July 08, 2007 4:41pm
go meat!
Current mood: still tired

so im watching tv right now and i have to share this:
that dumb hillshire farm meat something or other commercial makes me giggle.


Sunday, July 8, 2007 4:02pm
I believe once your heart's involved it all comes out in moron
Current mood: tired

college doesnt allow knives. i fully stand by that rule, but it's awfully annoying when im trying to cook something that requires cutting like chicken, garlic, or cutting up a tomato. hoooowever......i think i found a suitable solution: a PIZZA CUTTER!!!

1. a pizza cutter doesnt scare me as much as a huge knife does.
2. a pizza cutter is cooler.
3. a pizza cutter probably wont chop of my precious little fingers.
4. did i mention a pizza cutter is cooler?
5. works just as good as a scary knife.
i know...good idea right?!?! :)


Thursday, July 5, 2007 3:36pm
dont tell mom the babysitter's dead
Current mood: amused

Today is my day off. granted i have had the past 3 days off, this by far has been the best. I spent the first two days off with jon jon. he's a friend from college. we went to my sister's CI performance in new hampton, drank some uv blue, called people, watched taking lives, ate cinnamon roles and pizza, and went to walmart for an adventure. Much fun :) Yesterday i headed down to belle plaine to visit gangles, another friend from college that is going to a different college, and pardon me while i go cry for a second. I was out in the sun for about 5 hours without sunscreen yet i did NOT get burned. woot. that made my life. But today.....today was....has been....and will continue to be.....the best day off ever.
I slept in til 11. am. niiiiice. I got dressed without taking a shower and i still look pretty decent. niiiiice. i went to walmart to buy some food and movies. cheap movies. niiiice. i made goulash (i am now overfully full....not so nice). Those cheap movies have also made my life. dont tell mom the babysitter's dead is a classic!! I used to watch that movie all the time when it was on tv way back when. then i made deviled eggs because they are soooo good. you've got mail is now playing and i have a date with all my female coworkers to have little slumber party in 4th center of Farwell. we'll be pulling all the mattresses out of the rooms, watching little mermaid i believe and people will bring food. I will be making a cake :). so niiiiice. oh and i forgot. big brother starts tonight! what a fantastic day

oooh and ive been drinking soooo much water today. this means that Vanessa is hydrated!!! woot.


Saturday, June 23, 2007 6:32pm
i'll have an order of wink-winkers
Current mood: cynical

I thought of a really amusing thing to say in a blog earlier, but all i can remember of that little conversation in my head was the fact that i found my perfectly normal functioning phone charger in my garbage. how it got there, we will never know.

Makes me wonder about myself sometimes....


Tuesday, June 19, 2007 9:58pm
rule #1: no squishing during the movie

Current mood: sleepy

soooooo vanessa was super hungry for the last 3 some hours of her work shift. this resulted in the following survey taking. enjoy. and then go eat something. like peas. and then i also watched more gilmore girls. be sure to watch season 4, disc 2, episode 1. i about peed myself laughing :)

Food and Drink and What You Think
EITHER/OR--Pick One:

McDonald's/Burger King/In-n-Out: homecooked please
Mountain Dew/Sierra Mist/Sprite: ew
Dasani/Aquafina/Evian: aquafina
Trident/Dentyne/Crest: crest
Almond/Peanut/Cashew: peanut butter
Dark Chocolate/Milk Chocolate/White Chocolate: milk chocolate all the way
Sobe/Gatorade/Powerade: give me some H2O
Lays/Ruffles/Pringles: pringles
Toast/English Muffin/Croissant: toast, but thats very rare. i eat too much pasta to eat toast

What will you absolutely forever refuse to eat?: id have to go with onions. i love the taste, but the texture and the whole biting through onions really gets to me. ive been trying for years to eat those damn things

The most disgusting thing you've ever eaten?: mushrooms/cream of mushroom. makes me gag just thinking about it

The longest you've gone without food or drink?: a day at most? i dont do well without food

Sweet, salty, sour, bitter, spicy? Which one(s) you like?: im always in the mood for salty. sometimes sweet and sometimes spicy as well

Do you watch cooking or food shows?: all the time. top chef, rachael ray, take home chef.
Do you know how to cook?: ive got a few skills
When did you learn how to cook? If you haven't learned, would you like to?: i learned how to make pasta LOOOOOOONG ago. im guessing late elementary school
What did you last eat for breakfast?: 2 bananas and a couple glasses of water.
What did you last eat for lunch?: Tomato Basil Raviolini soup. sooooo good
What did you last eat for dinner?: chicken noodle. the caf was super gross today
Or do you not follow those silly meal patterns?: i do. and then some on occasion. im a hungry girl
Would you rather eat alone, with strangers, or with friends and family?: definitely with friends and family. i love laughing at meals and thats really awkward with myself or strangers :)
Would you say you have good table manners?: for the most part. i chew with my mouth closed. that good enough?
If you have pets, do they ever get table scraps?: i dont have pets. but id say that they probably would. wasting food is bad news
Ever eaten dog/cat/other animal food?: nooooo thank you
First thing you usually feel like eating when you wake up...: scrambled eggs. or pasta :) never fails
Do you chew gum? If so, how often?: not usually, but when i do have gum, i chew a lot of pieces. it's better that i dont
Health food or junk food?: both. life's too short not to eat some junk food every once in awhile
Organic or not?: weeellll i prefer not having nasty looking spots on my food, but organic just seems like a good thing to do
Are you vegetarian?: never ever.
At this point in time, what is the one thing you wish to eat?: velvetta macaroni.

Vegetable of the Year?: peas.


Some things never change :)

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