Project Baby Quilt {1}

I had a few to-do items on my list this weekend. My list is actually 2-3 pages long but that's besides the point. Despite the rocky news from the doctor's appointment just the day before, we set off to complete some of those tasks. Besides boring stuff like going toilet-tree and grocery shopping, we actually did get some major tasks completed. Exciting, right?

Major Task 1: NEW PHONES! it's a bummer that there is yet another expense, but welcome to adulthood, Vanessa. Gary and I bought t-mobile plans and got the galaxy s 4g something or other. besides my internet not working, I love it. I've been bumming Gary's because he downloaded sudoku. Yes please. Luckily, t-mobile will replace phones within 14 days no questions asked but I'm pretty sure they'd replace it anyway because it wasn't my fault. Oh well. I am excited to use it the way it's supposed to work. I had internet on my last phone but it looks like the 4g models are better equipped for internet. and the camera - 8 megapixels. woah.

Major Task 2: Project Baby Quilt commenced. Mom and I set off to some quilt shop in Minneapolis to buy some fabric and such. Someone forgot to tell us that there was some huge art festival going on near the store so we ended up having to park 3-4 blocks again. But hey, it's exercise right? I suppose that's okay. The store was also packed with customers but that didn't stop me. I found an adorable quilt pattern and set off to find the necessary fabrics for a baby-sized quilt. Below are my findings :)

Quilt pattern.

Color blocks :)



and the best part?

the BACK!

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