Project Baby Quilt {4}

I surprised myself by working on the quilt yesterday. Reason #1: I didn't feel up to it earlier in the day so I just assumed I wouldn't. Somehow, I mustered up some desire to work on it. Reason #2: Not only did I work on the quilt, I worked on it for over 2 hours! I just didn't want to stop. I feel really good about the progress I'm making. The rate I'm going, the top will be finished in no time!

ps: I realized yesterday that in all of the Project Baby Quilt photos, I am wearing very similar, if not the same clothing. Yes, I have been in the pajamas for what seems like all day every day for a couple of weeks but I am proud to say that I HAVE showered every single day. That counts for something, right? Oooooh well. I at least changed my pants for this blog's photos :)

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