I'm a girl!

Gary and I had our first ultrasound last Thursday. Yes, there was some sad news but that's not why I'm blogging. I'm blogging because there is a sweet little munchkin in there, a sweet little girl to be exact. Apparently, three lines means "it" is a "she". Cute :) We've pretty much decided that her name is Emma but we haven't figured out a middle name yet. Emma Wiest. even more cute. Here are some sonograms from the ultrasound:

Profile of her face :)

Another profile, her mouth is closed in this one.

four fingers! Her hands were moving all over the place but don't worry, she's got five :)

A bicep. Little Emma is STRONG.

A foot. Her adorable feet measure 3.95cm.

A 3D picture of her face. Her arm is up near her face on the right side.

Emma is adorable. Hands down.

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