I just want to blog.......

I have spent a solid half hour trying to get to this specific page on the interwebs. The connection has been so incredibly slow tonight but I was determined.


That's a bold-face lie.

At 9:30ish, I thought about blogging. I have plenty to blog about really so I thought I should get on it. But then I realized how tired I was. and lazy. So I turned off the TV and living room lights, turned on the fan in the bedroom, got in my pajamas and crawled in to bed. I opened my current book (see below) and started reading. A good two sentences in, I realized just how tired I was, how tired my eyes were. I felt like my eyes were spinning and I could barely stay concentrated on the words. Fail.


So I returned to the living room, turned the TV back on and tried to load this page. It took awhile but I am here. Finally.

Speaking of slow internet...is it weird that the connection is super slow but when I watched Project Runway on mylifetime.com, it worked with ZERO buffering. Incredible.

I now have to go because Gary just got home. Here is a taste of what is to come:

Project Baby Quilt {5, 6, 7}
Pinteresting {1, 2}
What's for Dinner {1}
First Friday {4, technically 5}/Labor Day Weekend.

I am so excited :)

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v.wiest said...

ignore the lack of spacing. the new blog web design is lacking and took out all my loving spaces. Lame. I'll fix it later because it does indeed bother me.