Productivity sure makes me smile :)

Today has been such a great day. First off, I got off work at noon. Can't beat that. Second, I have had the most productive afternoon in years! That's probably an exaggeration but who cares. When I got home, I ate lunch and then set off to Southdale Center to go shopping. I had coupons for Express (Gary) and Loft (me). Gary has NO IDEA but I got him four new button-up shirts and 3 new ties. I can't wait for him to come home and find them in his closet. Not only are they new, but I saved mucho dollas. It was buy one get one free and then I had coupons to save $40 and then 30% on one item. Heck yes. I then went over to Loft and purchased a couple long-sleeved shirts and cardigans, all of which were on super sale. Lovely.

My one downer for the afternoon was that I forgot to bring my Crate and Barrel gift cards with me. I was going to pick up most of the rest of our registry today but guess not. Oh wells.

I then went to Rainbow because I had found some coupons that would get me some Monopoly tickets. I am so close to winning that I NEEEEEEDED to get a few to make sure I won something. Not only did I get a few, I got..................46 tickets. If I don't win something with 46 tickets, I might cry. I smiled the entire way home from the grocery store.

When I got home I hung up all of the new clothing, cleaned up the bedroom, tidied up the living room, compiled all the garbage that I hope Gary will help me take out later, washed the dishes and am now making dinner. And the air is on. I'm not even close to being hot. That makes my day even better.

I will now proceed to open those 46 tickets. I'll report on that later.


I wasted an entire hour to find out that I didn't win anything. Lame.


Anonymous said...

Seriously! 46 tickets and you still didn't win?! Glad you had a productive day anyway:)

v.wiest said...

57 more today and NO WINNERS! I'm giving up home.

v.wiest said...

and by today, I mean yesterday.

v.wiest said...

wow, I need to learn to proof. This is what that first comment should have said:

57 more yesterday and NO WINNERS! I'm giving up hope.


ps: I have a hangnail and it really hurts to type. Uh Oh.