Pinteresting {1}

Pinterest has got my mind on fire. In a good way. I have sooooooooooooo many ideas rolling around up there and I cannot wait to start them. I have a few easy projects in mind to begin with.

1. I need to paint the frame. White or yellow? Or perhaps red, to accent the heart...I just don't know! What do you suggest?

2. I need to paint these too. I am thinking white for these. Or black.

3. I need a frame for this. and a picture. I'm thinking a pink frame. But I could use any color of marker used so this one might take awhile...

4. I'm not quite sure what to do with these (the wedding mad-libs). I figure pinterest will inspire me :)

5. I have 10-15 pounds to lose. I am at a solid 134 pounds which is completely fine but I'm normally between 120-125. I want to go back to that. Really, I want my pants to fit :) I figure with this and my daily 20 minutes of walking to and from work might be the trick.

6. Toms. They are so pretty. The End. Thank you pinterest for showing me the light.

Ideas 7-100 are still rolling around for now. They'll make an appearance at a later date :)

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Amanda said...

I think yellow would look cool against the black background or the white. I think the red next to the black to be to much dark.