I had an omelet today.

That's when my day started looking up.

I woke up a bit earlier than normal today but not as early as it could have been. **Cough cough** 4 am? No thanks. I woke up at 6:15 and gladly took my time in the shower and was able to watch a bit more Parenthood than normal. That was all fine and dandy. Then I went off to work. I worked on finishing up my very first advertisement using Adobe InDesign. I am very proud of myself. I can see a future in that...

Right after I submitted the ad, I got super tired and was feeling really weird which is just an easy way of saying "LAZY!" I pushed through though and got quite a bit done. Everyone else in the office went to lunch early but like I said, I powered through and waited until 12:30. I then had to decide, "do I want that cold pizza in the fridge or should I chance going downstairs."

I chose to be daring.

It paid off.

OMELET from goody goodness was what I had for lunch. Ham, cheese AND heirloom tomatoes. Boy was that good.

And then, after another bout of feeling lazy, my boss let us all leave the office early because we had all worked so hard for the end of the fiscal year (today).

So, I am home and Gary is doing the dishes. And to top it all off? Gary and I decided to go to an Irish bar tonight for some good ol' fish and chips.

Life is good.

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GaryW said...

And the zoo tomorrow...

and hopefully Warrior tonight