Project Baby Quilt {5, 6, 7}

I have been thrilled with my motivation for this project so far. Why? The main reason is that the last quilt I started is still not finished.

It's been three years.

I have not yet passed the point in this quilt that I was on in that last quilt so my next Project Baby Quilt update will be extra exciting. As long as I get there... :)

Here are the photos from my progress:

August 20 - I spent a few days mulling over the layout. I am a perfectionist in my mind but then I don't always follow through. I was worried that if I jump right in to sewing and then realize, "OOPS! there's five yellows in a row!" that I would be too lazy to do anything regardless of my mind going crazy about it. So I mulled. And it worked...for the most part. You'll see in later photos that the layout does in fact change.

August 25 - I sure did mull. I was nervous to start this part because I was worried that nothing would line up. In the end not many of the corners did, but oh wells. The next quilt can only get better, right? I'm still pleased though.

August 27 - The top is now done! I still have to sew on the green border but we're almost there.

I seem to have a lot of excitement coming up so I'm not sure when Project Baby Quilt will continue. Hopefully, I'll muster up some motivation on a weeknight when Gary is gone. My weekends seem to be full already!

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