Owen's Easter Basket

I have such fond memories of Easter growing up. Honestly, I can't really remember the specifics but one thing that I absolutely loved was receiving a box of cake mix and frosting. I don't understand why I got so excited but man, that was the best.

yes, I'd call this obsessed....

I don't plan to give Owen too many treats or cake mix (for now at least!) but decided on a few things that I thought he could play with or grow to play with in the coming months as he develops further. This year, that includes his "easter basket" pail, a book and a scoop. I scowered Wal-Mart looking for something smaller but this will do. He'll eventually be able to hold it, right? I also assume that like many other little ones out there, he will have loads of fun scooping all of their small toys no matter what they are in to the pail. I see hours and hours of fun in Owen's future! Okay, maybe a solid 20-30 minutes of independent play. I'll take that!

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