Little Mr. {Five Months}

Yes, I'm a little late with this one but who cares? I'm busy with our growing boy! Look at these big baby blues. It's so hard to pull away!

As Owen keeps getting older and a tiny bit bigger each month so does the volume of his speech. His voice is reaching higher and higher notes and is so darn adorable even if it hurts my ears. I just keep saying, "what else?" or "tell me more!" and he does with even higher notes. He's definitely learning new ways to use his voice too. For a few weeks he made what we called a monster noise. Low, a little whispery growl. It.was.adorable. And now, it's a more deep and powerful mumble. And then he goes really high again and just squeeeeaaaalllls like crazy. Owen is also starting to giggle. It's not quite a laugh yet but I think that'll come really soon. He's just so happy all the time! He especially loves hearing music and us singing to him. I can sing whatever and it almost always brings a big wide gummy grin to his face. Love it.

Guess what else Owen is doing now.......ROLLING OVER! He's grown to be such a little busy body, always wiggling, kicking his feet and grabbing anything he can to stuff in his mouth. Eventually he began to roll on his side so we knew it was just a matter of time before he did. Well, one day it just happened and guess who missed it? Yep, that'd be me. I was looking away when it happened but let me tell you it was still pretty exciting. He can't always figure out how to turn back over so we come to his rescue quite a bit if he gets annoyed with that position. But Owen just flips back around anyway :) And at this point, he'll stick just about anything in his mouth these days. You have been forewarned.

One of our newest activities is going for walks. Often. Or at least as often as the weather allows. Owen loves it! His eyes will get really big and he tries to take in as much as he can. Then the sun hits his eyes and he wiggles around until I step in the way of the rays. Then it's back to looking all over to see the trees and sky, to feel the wind, and hear all the bustle around us like cars and whatnot. I like it because after all this looking about, he tends to get really sleepy and will take a nice nap so I can walk a little more. My favorite is falling asleep with something he was previously gnawing on like his fingers, toys or a blanket. It's the cutest thing.

As far as struggles for this month, there's really only one teeny thing. The awkward size he's in (between 0-3 and 3-6 month clothing) makes it difficult for me to dress him. I only like a limited number of items that he can actually wear but I don't tend to do laundry all that often sooooo....I'm excited for him to grow a little so we have more to play with!

Oh I lied. The other struggle is not being able to get a weight and height check! So you all have to wait like I do for his next measurements. I know, I'm sad too. My guess is that he's about 14-14.5 pounds and 25.5-26 inches tall. By next month, who knows. We'll probably start feeding him solids pretty soon!

I'll make up for the lack of measurements with some funny photos. Like I said, he's becoming such a busy body. His monthly photos were a struggle but produced some adorablely funny outtakes. Enjoy.

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