Fitbit Here I Come!

I still have what looks like a developing baby bump but unfortunately, it's just all the extra weight I still have yet to lose. Yes, I am ridiculously sick of wearing nothing but maternity clothes because all my normal clothes still.do.not.fit. I started taking an hour for lunch everyday so I could go over to Legends and work out but quickly determined that I absolutely HATED sweating and then jumping right back in to my work clothes. Ew. I sweat a lot so I’m sure I'm unbearable smelly. Ew Ew.

Next idea? Fitbit!

isn't she pretty?!?

Sooooo I got it in my head that I really wanted a Fitbit because I think that would be my motivator to at least be a little active. Another reason why I wanted the fitbit devise is because it records sleep patterns and man, I’m totally interested in knowing mine. I struggle to wake up and am sooo tired these days. Annoying. Of course, I told Gspice of my desire to have one of these, but they are a whopping $99! And bless his heart, he said that I could only get one if I proved I would actually use it.
In order for me to get a Fitbit, I devoted to walk an average of 45 minutes a day until Mother’s Day (that equaled about 1800 minutes). So far, I’ve blown that number out of the water. How? Well it’s SUPER easy actually. I have so many opportunities to go out and walk: two 15 minute breaks; my lunch, which varies from 30 minutes or 60 minutes; and walking home after work.  I try to walk with Owen too because he just LOVES it. 45 minutes a day? Easy peasy. One of these days, I may even venture to walk in BEFORE work. We’ll see :)

Fitbit, here I come!


Amanda said...

would be really interested in knowing how it works for you after you use it for a while. I thought about getting one, then got cold feet because of the blister recall.

v.wiest said...

I'll let you know. I haven't seen anything for rashes with the flex which is the one I want.