CSA News {1} - Who did we buy our share from??

Where has the time gone?? It's been forever since I posted about the CSA share I purchased this spring. What am I even talking about? I have so far spent $120 of my $160 share and have enjoyed a lot of fresh bounty throughout the market season. However, THIS post is alllll about the vendor we chose for our veggie share.

We had two farmers to choose from considering what we valued most - the opportunity to buy straight from the farmer's market. Like I mentioned in my first post, I didn't frequent the market previously much at all. That was the one thing I wanted to change. We live so close to the market so I knew that with the addition of purchasing a share would make it a MUST to walk over for a few fresh goodies. What narrowed our choices from two to one was the amount we could purchase. We decided to start small and see how it went. We chose well and without further adieu - PATCHWORK GREEN FARM!

Of all of the fresh vegetables and other items Patchwork Green Farm had available at the market, our most favorite items included: tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, kale, flat leaf parsley, onions and broccoli. I didn't stray too far from what I know. Next year, maybe I'll branch out a bit :)

A perk of the CSA program was the offering of a Patchwork Green Farm tour! It was a treacherous and frightening ride up the steep unpaved or graveled road leading to the gardens, but well worth it. I learned just how much work goes in to providing vegetables straight from a garden but on a grand scale. Made me appreciate what we brought home even more!

Another perk that I wiggled in there was a few trips for brunch dates with Owen. My absolute most favorite breakfast in Decorah is at Restauration and I missed it sooooo much since I stopped working there last August when it was known as Albert's. Who could blame me for going? Gspice likes to sleep in so he missed out :) I'm pretty sure the new folks that work there thought my wedding ring was a fake! Since the renovation of the restaurant space and the introduction of its new name, they added (but has since been updated) artwork of local vendors they buy product from. It's what makes me love Decorah so much. Showin' local love!

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