The Bump II {3} - Recap: 12-20 Weeks

Here we are, already half way through this pregnancy! This has definitely gone by extremely fast and my guess is that's because the fall is always so busy. Unfortunately, I've had a good number of sick days for lots of terrible headaches and the like but at least my energy has come back to life. I'll take it!

After experiencing what I thought to be pink eye on a number of occasions last spring, this time around has been so much easier! I've mentioned the headaches and really hope they don't come as frequently anymore. Missing work for a headache is just annoying! What a complete waste! Not so much as of late, but early on I was having lots of trouble with dizziness  and being light headed. I feel like my body has regulated a bit which I'm sure helps with my energy level :)

Sleeping is as it's been since the beginning. Frequent trips to the bathroom are completely normal and occur one to two times a night. The past week was a bit tough though. I'd get up to go to the bathroom and then be so awake that I couldn't fall back asleep for an hour or two. Having to get up a second time made me so angry!

Cravings still include those holy hashbrowns, but not nearly as much as before. My strong desire switched to homemade beef jerky which I've been told to stay away from by both my dad and doctor. Sadly, I've decided to listen to that advice. Oh well :( Really, though, I'm not craving much of anything else. Finding something to eat is still pretty difficult. Talk about annoying!

My bump had definitely appeared and has been quite a bit more obvious early on! We told people a heck of a lot earlier for that very reason :) Here's the bump on September 17, 2014.

The Bump - 15w5d

Of all our activities over the past eight weeks, the absolute highlight was our 16-week ultrasound. I was a hot mess and began crying right before lunch - while at work! I couldn't compose myself so decided to leave early. I kept myself busy at home between the tears until our late afternoon appointment. I was doing quite a bit better at that point except for having to drink the 32 oz before going in. I had to go soooooo badly! This little nugget must have been sitting right on top of my poor bladder. We couldn't confirm 100% but from what we could see, everything is going well and progressing appropriately. There was a lot of movement and flipping around - all I really needed to see :) And I must say, I am appreciative of the photos we got. They are so beautiful!

And of course - we got a gender reveal! Owen's going to be a big brother to a baby brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were both expecting a girl so what a lovely surprise :) We are so excited to have two boys be the best of friends.


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