The Bump II {2} - Recap: 4-12 weeks

Though I admit it was a surprise at the very moment we found out, I'm not completely surprised one bit that we became pregnant so quickly after having Owen. He has been one of life's most adorable, precious and lovable gifts we could ask for. We simply couldn't wait to give him a little brother or sister!

One might remember how terrified I was for much of my pregnancy with Owen. I was afraid of the possibilities and overwhelmed with worry and a wee bit of fear. Thankfully, we were very much blessed with a healthy baby boy. This time around, I am so happy that I no longer carry with me that worry and fear. I have just moments of weakness and nerves, which I feel like is a more normal reaction to pregnancy.

Because I am so much less worried, I decided to be a bit more relaxed with my doctor visits. With Owen, my goodness, I had soooo many visits. I really felt like I needed them. I had my first OB visit at 5 weeks and got ultrasounds at 8, 12 and 20 weeks. With this little nugget, I didn't go in until 11 weeks and waited until 16 weeks to get an ultrasound (of which you'll find out all the great details later!). 

Instead of the constant fear and worry, I am definitely just trying to enjoy my time with Owen and stay as rested as possible. That's hard to do with a growing toddler! Suffice it to say that even more has gone to the wayside at home. Cleaning, laundry, emptying the dishwasher - you name it. I will wait until I absolutely have to do something before it gets done. Or, it simply doesn't get done. Gspice, good luck finding your own meals. I haven't had the desire much to make us dinner anymore. Poor guy has to fend for himself!

Symptoms during the first trimester were similar to what they were with Emma and Owen. Very sleepy, the occasional massive headache, lack of interest in food - all I can deal with. And one symptom that I didn't have is a bout of allergies. Thank goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember last spring I was so stuffy and that my eyes were so dry that I rubbed them sore. It looked like I had the viral form of pink eye on at least three separate occasions. Must have to do with the seasons. Cravings with this one have been more similar to cravings I had with Emma - spicy and salty. I can actually handle not having desserts again! But the one thing that I wanted for every meal and couldn't keep off my mind during the first trimester - HOLY HASHBROWNS. Gary and I went out to eat once and I most definitely had two orders of it.

The first trimester went by so incredibly fast. I have a feeling the rest of this pregnancy will also fly by so look forward to more updates soon and the comeback of the Prego & Eggo To-Do List!

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Amanda said...

I loved potatoes and hash browns with Arya too!