Little Mr. {11 Months}

With more energy during the second trimester, I have finally come back to posting more near the time Owen actually turned 11 months. I find that completely inspiring (knowing that I will be running around with two little ones soon enough!)

As my energy has returned, Owen's has gotten more and more intense. He is showing so much of his personality now and it is so sweet and adorable. Owen loves to explore and get his hands on everything. He likes to look and touch and chew, then look some more and then of course chew it until he's no longer interested. Then it's on to another toy. This little explorer can also fit in to some pretty tight spaces and maneuver around just about anything. We now find him behind some of our living room chairs on a very normal basis. Little squirt! And he climbs ALL OVER US if we join him on the floor. I think Owen is beginning to favor his daddy, which at this point is absolutely okay with me. I can't handle him crawling on top of me quite like Gspice can right now.

Owen began one of the most adorable habits this past month, waving. It's not the waving back and forth yet but the cute slight flickering of his fingers. It started with mostly the older generation which I found to be so sweet. They are some of the nicest people and thought Owen was so cute. His waving now includes all other adults and some littles too.

I wasn't quite correct with my thinking about Owen's tooth development last month. He didn't get two or three more teeth, but just one. He now has the upper left central incisor poking through but I do know that he is working on more. Owen probably chews more now than he has every chewed before. Beware of your fingers or anything else he can get his hands on!

Photos this time around proved extremely difficult with my wiggly boy. My goodness! I managed to capture a couple that work and a ton more that are just simply adorable. The couch photo is what is practically impossible to achieve. I might have to think of another idea for our next babe!

Anyone else think our little man is in desperate need of another haircut???? I am trying my hardest to wait until sooner to one year but I don't think we can do that. His bangs will be covering his eyes if I do!

Catch up on Owen's First Year!

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