CSA News {2} Edible Landscapes

The Edible Landscapes at Luther weren't technically part of our purchased CSA but I thought it was a good addition to it. I made so many more trips to the Farmer's Market this year but there wasn't always all the ingredients I hoped to find. And with the market only offered on Wednesdays and Saturdays, I sometimes needed an herb or two sooner than that.

After I decided to get a Fitbit in order to make sure I walked more, I began wandering by the gardens a number of times each day. Finally, I decided to stop by and see what this was all about. I was honestly really confused that there was a garden that I could go to and simply take whatever I wanted.  There was quite a bit actually - leafy greens, cherry tomatoes, tons of herbs, kale, watermelon, ground cherries, beans, etc. I most often grabbed the herbs.

I'll admit I didn't take too much from the landscapes but it did provide a bit of excitement for me to think about having our own garden one day. I envision having a small raised garden in our backyard that our little boys can help with (I'll put them on weed duty!) At this point, I'd want roma tomatoes, kale, flat leaf parsley and basil. Let's just get rid of what I can our massive weed garden first and then we'll be good to go!

Perhaps one day soon we'll have one of these in our backyard:

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