I've got four little nieces that I don't see very often so it's extra special when we are all together at the same time. This happened very recently, as a surprise to my youngest sister who is about to get hitched! We held a bridal shower for her and she had no idea that our far away sister with her two kids in tow would be there as well. It was AWESOME to see her newborn, already almost three months old and to have all of us together. '

I don't take as many photos as I once did, but below are just a few of the most adorable we were able to capture that weekend.

I enjoyed that whole weekend but one of the highlights was meeting Miss Emily for the first time. I'm obsessed with little babies and she was so crazy adorable and squishy. And Leta was so surprised! Look at the tear in her eye!

It was great to see Arya too. She's a busy body just like my kids but at least I got a slight pose from her for a photo!

The four of us sisters went out for dinner in Waterloo together and went bridal party dress shopping. It was nice to catch up and do something together, which we haven't done in years!

Now, to the fun part! First, Gspice created a little house for the kids out of a box on my parents' porch. He cut out a door and window and the girls had so much fun inside. Owen was scared but he did go in for one hot second.

At one point during the bridal shower, Gary went to the park (bless his heart!) with Owen and Arya. He captured an adorable photo and a fun video too! I was getting a little overwhelmed with both boys so it was nice to have just one with me during the party.

Bridge, Drew, Gary and I went on a walk later on and played at a park by the civic center in Strawberry Point. It's crazy to think that we played here as little kids too way back in the day.

Erin and Liza LOVED the swings!

The other highlight? Getting a few cousin photos! We opted to bribe them with mini Reese's. I'd say it worked!

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