Jack {15 Months!}

We are firmly planted in toddler town these days. Jack is now 15 months and breezing around all over the place. It's been fun to watch him develop the past few months - walking, saying more words, understanding more commands. It's also been really interesting to see his personality come out a little bit more.

Jack had his well child check up last week and my oh my it was such a breeze. He doesn't yet mind going to the doctor so there were zero tears or meltdowns. It was delightful. Jack didn't mind the doctor poking and prodding and actually preferred to be carried by him. He did have to get a few shots but cried for about 3 seconds.

15-Month Appointment (6/14/2016)
Weight: 23 lb
Height: 30 in
12-Month Appointment (3/7/2016)
Weight: 19 lb 15 oz
Height: 29.5 in

Jack is one goofy kid. He loves to laugh and often does things just to make us laugh or to make himself laugh. It's sweet to watch. We love to play the "Night Night" game where we say "Night Night" and the boys lay down wherever they are and then pick them back up when we say "Wake up!". Owen often likes to initiate that one. Jack will sometimes do that too and can say "Night Night" himself! Jack is also VERY ticklish so I have a lot of fun with that.

Jack responds really well to routine but does express some stranger danger with people he doesn't know well or see every day. It takes a little bit for him to warm up to newer people or new activities. And if we break up his routine, we'll get a little meltdown. Often it's more non-verbal with a little lip quiver (not like Owen's hysterical tears!). For instance, I had to take the boys to daycare for a week earlier this month but we had to be there much earlier because I have to be at work earlier than Gspice. Well, because it was so early, Jack needing to go to his room first versus the kitchen to eat breakfast. He didn't freak out when we left the kitchen but promptly melted to the floor in his room when I dropped him off there. I get it, I'd freak out too if I was used to eating right away! I do anticipate his transition to the next room at daycare to go well. He seems to feel comfortable already with those kids and teachers so that should be nice - Jack is just more laid back than Owen.

A couple of new things since his last update:

Jack can walk! I forgot that Jack wasn't walking at 12 months but that was soooo nice since we are so busy with life these days. His first steps were at around 13 months and he definitely walks really well now. Jack can turn around or stand up on his own and I love that he just holds my finger when I let him walk next to me.

The tooth count has gone up. Since his 12 month update, Jack got the second lower lateral incisor and has also got all of his first molars popping through! His upper lateral incisors have not come in yet so we'll keep an eye out for those the next few months. Our dentist didn't seem concerned but I bet will intervene if they don't appear by his next appointment in six months.

Naps are little more consistent now, down to one between noon and three. Opposite of how Owen did, Jack naps really well at daycare and not so well at home. He'll be down for an hour and then wakes up. Gary has a nice little system where he grabs the crying babe and lays down in bed. After a few seconds, Jack will plop his head down and sleep for a bit longer. I've tried it a couple of times and it hasn't worked so it must take daddy's special touch. The boys do still share a room and it's still going well! Jack typically falls asleep within 10 minutes and isn't bothered by his brother that takes a bit longer to fall asleep. However, it does seem that Jack can fall asleep just about anywhere. Proof is in the pudding.

Feeding is still pretty easy with Jack. He eats a LOT but still will try just about everything and eats without much fuss. We've introduced a plate, bowl and spoon to him and he seems to use those well enough. The spoon needs a bit more work because he understands how it works but doesn't always scoop actual food onto the spoon each time. Much to my chagrin, Jack also likes to throw things on the floor when he's done, just like his big brother. That's a habit that we haven't been able to break from either child, and one of the most frustrating (and messy!) One day, we'll get there. One day.

Jack also likes to do whatever Owen is doing. I do seem to get better photos of them together than I do apart but it's so darn cute! Owen, on the other hand, usually doesn't like doing the same thing as Jack so there's that...

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