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Someone was Ms. Productive ALL day today!  Yes, that would be me :)  I somehow managed to read all of my left over senior paper readage so now I can finally move on to writing it!  My goal is to have it completed by March 26 and I WILL be successful.  (it helps that I have 23 pages of typed notes...)

This past week went by so fast!  I had a lot of work left to do with Summer Housing (14 interviews in 2 days) so that kept me fairly busy.  There are so many good candidates that it was really hard to choose between them.  Once I get the go ahead and we finally hire people, I Know it will be a great summer.  I am so pumped!  NO MORE OVERBOOKING! Not on my watch :P

Tabitha and I did end up going back to McFadden's on Wednesday.  Why?  $2 cans and $.25 wings HELLOOOOO!  We had the same bartender too and he's so awesome!  I got a free can and yes...another shot.  But I swear no more poor choices were made.  The shot was actually pretty good this time too.  Something with orange juice in it...

I also got a slight cold on Wednesday morning but somehow, by Saturday it was G.O.N.E.!  sweet.  Speaking of Saturday, I went to McFadden's yet again for the keg and egg's.  Never again will I do that.  Who needs to be drunk at 9a?  Not me.

I've also been using Elaine's wii Fit plus.  I'm losing weight!!!! Not that I really need to but who doesn't like to be skinnier? I'm now at 120 :)  My goal is to be somewhere between 110 and 115.  That'd be nice.  Also, to become better prepared for my 5k at the end of April, I will be starting a new running work out starting tomorrow morning. I am so excited!  By the date of the race, I will be able to run 30 minutes no problem.  Sounds like a great plan to me :)

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