The wonderfuly awkward "L"

Public transportation is amazing.  I LOVE IT to be quite honest.  I don't have to worry about having a car or bike or walking everywhere in crappy weather.  And being a student allows me to get it SUPER cheap.  $90 for unlimited rides every single day until May 9.  How sweet is that?

However, the "L" is creepy and awkward.  Very much so.  I take the red line to work every day and because it's only 3 stops away, I never sit down.  But this creates an especially awkward situation when it is completely crammed with people.  Because of my height, I often find myself staring at someone unknowingly... Oopsies.  I am the type of person, though, that will look everyone in the eye and say hi or smile and I find it very difficult not to do that on the train.  People on the train, however go out of their way to look at anything but and when you do lock eyes with someone, it's incredibly awkward.  You don't want to make it seem like you were staring but most times that's just simply how it appears.  And I am short enough where it can be quite difficult for me to focus my attention on something other than on a person.  That's just where my eyes rest.  It's sometimes really hard to have to strain my head up or down, especially after a long day.  I'm too tired to have to stare at the floor or the silly ads on the ceilings.

Despite how awkward public transportation tends to be, I do love it and would hate to have to travel around Chicago without it.

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