making bad, bad, very bad decisions is no fun

I vow NEVER to watch Grey's drunk ever again.

Last night was a bit of an adventure.  One that I had not expected and one that I wish I could take back.  I like simple nights, no spinning and going to bed early.  It was but any of those things :)

I got home from work at about 6:15p and made a quick tortilla pizza for dinner before heading out for the art event at 7p.  My roommate had a beer so I thought, "I want to pop a bottle too!" So I had one.  It all went down from there... Soon after the conversation about our weekend began.  My roommates wanted to go out but I knew that I didn't want to nor did I want to spend the money to do so.  However, it soon went to going downstairs to McFadden's for one drink before greys.  That I could handle.  Thus, we headed to the bar.  I fully intended to buy a beer but somehow allowed myself to become seduced by the $5 martini menu. NEVER AGAIN!  I don't do vodka.  ew.  I am a beer girl through and through.  After another beer and a free shot from the bartender, I was more than okay.

We made it back upstairs at about 8:20 but no worries. We had DVRed (?) the show.  I tried to watch the show but at that point I was getting the spins.  I really hate the spins.  I was fine but couldn't lay down which is what I really wanted to do.  I'd at least go to bed early ;-)

I did manage to go to bed early but whenever I drink what I did, I wake up early at the crack of dawn.  5:15 this time.  Damn.

Now I am rewatching grey's and OMG! It's back!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Everyone is funny again!  I can't believe I almost missed that...

Two valuable lessons:
1. Spontenaity is not for me.
2. Don't drink martinis. or free shots.

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